$100,000 Latrobe Prize Advances Movement

Earlier this year, the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced that its 2011 Latrobe Prize for architectural research would focus on the practice of public-interest design. The biennial award includes a grant of $100,000.

The winning research team is comprised of Bryan Bell of Design Corps, Roberta Feldman of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Sergio Palleroni of Portland State University, and David Perkes of Mississippi State University. Together, they will examine three questions: 1. What are the needs that can be addressed by public interest practices? 2. How are current public interest practices operating? 3. What is necessary for public interest work to become significant segment of architectural practice?

Image: Portrait of Benjamin Henry Latrobe by Rembrandt Peale, c. 1815.

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