Co.Design: “Five Myths About Pro Bono Design”

Earlier this year, FastCompany‘s Co.Design published a provocative, sometimes comical, and overall insightful infographic by Jessica Hische, “Designers, Should You Work for Free?” The dizzyingly intricate flowchart immediately went viral among designers, as it perfectly encapsulated the ambivalence and frustration so many feel about being repeatedly asked to do friends a solid without any compensation, at best, and without any consideration as to how much time and energy good design actually takes, at worst. It also used a common catchphrase that often gets bandied about in the design world (and beyond): pro bono.

In his first contribution to Co.Design, published yesterday,‘s own John Cary debunks Five Myths About Pro Bono Design.” Cary explains that, for starters, all-too-often the term “pro bono is used without much context and, too often, without real accuracy.”

The image above accompanied the article on Co.Design and was sourced from Flickr user Pineapple 9995.

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