Video: Seth Welty, Enterprise Rose Fellow

The above video is part of an inspiring new series about various members of the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship, their hosts, and, most importantly, their clients. In their own words, these crucial voices build a compelling narrative for one of the longest-running and most robust post-graduate internship opportunities available to architecture school graduates.

This particular video, the first of a few that we’ll be profiling here at in the coming days, features 2008-2011 Enterprise Rose Fellow Seth Welty. A graduate of Tulane University‘s School of Architecture, Welty describes his work in Biloxi, Miss. at the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. Seth’s contributions have ranged from “urban planning and mapping projects to the intimate design components of a house.” It’s such an extraordinary story that one can only wish every architecture school graduate could have a similar experience and such a lasting impact.

Click here to learn more about Seth Welty and the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship.

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