Infographic: History of Public Interest Design

The above is a tiny snapshot of a large infographic that is proud to have partnered with ArchDaily, the University of Minnesota College of Design, and Tandus Flooring to create. The basis for the infographic is a chronology of the field, researched by our own John Cary through his position with the University of Minnesota, while ArchDaily‘s Megan Jett brought it to life with her beautiful design. This is the first in a series of infographics that we hope to develop on the growing and evolving field of public interest design.

For the best online viewing experience, click here or on the image above to enlarge in a new window. To download a higher-res (150dpi, 8.2mb) version as a PDF–essential for iPad and iPhone users, click here. To download a Word document of the complete chronology text, click here, or click here to download a PDF of the text.

Click here to email with additions, corrections, questions, or general feedback.

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