’s Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting concluded yesterday afternoon, capping three days of unprecedented and wide-ranging discussion on the theme of “Designing for Impact” by some of the most powerful people in the world. At the heart of “CGI,” as it’s most commonly called, are commitments–made by NGOs, corporations, governments, and other entities. Among the approximately 150 new commitments made this year are a couple by two of the foremost leaders in the public interest design field, and MASS Design Group.

In 2012, through the establishment of a $1.5 million “innovation fund,” and the Wasserman Foundation are committing to support up to four innovative organizations and/or entrepreneurs a year, over a three year period, by directly providing them with catalytic design services in order for them to be more scalable and impactful. The basis of this effort is that design and innovation play a critical role in developing and accelerating solutions capable of having a significant and lasting impact on poverty. After an annual selection process conducted by, a full-time team of three multi-disciplinary designers will be deployed by to the selected organizations to help them overcome design challenges that are barriers to their scale and impact in the social sector.

Click here to learn more about and the Wasserman Foundation’s 2012 CGI commitment, online at, or click here to read’s announcement, online at Caption: Photo of Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO and an board member) and Linda Tischler (Senior Editor of Fast Company Magazine) in their CGI kickoff conversation.

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