Quote: Cheryl Heller on State of Social Innovation

We’ve been contemplating a weekly quote series, following several suggestions of the sort. The following quote, captured in the above video, seems like a great candidate for such a series. They’re the powerful words of Cheryl Heller, chair of the new Design for Social Innovation graduate program at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. Heller is also the founder of Heller Communication Design, chair of the PopTech board of directors. In the above clip, she’s sitting down with Daniel Epstein, founder of the Unreasonable Institute.

I think we are succumbing to the human habit of breathing our own exhaust. I think we believe our own hype. I think we’re not rigorous enough about what’s really needed. I see a lot of the same problems–that we’re trying to undo–being replicated. We want a new model for how to live and how to be in the world, and yet everybody has to have to their own business, everybody has to have their own brand, everybody has to have their own unique technology, everybody has to have their own platform. And it’s not what’s needed. In a world where we’re trying work together in a different way, we don’t hold that same standard for ourselves.

Click here to view the video, background information, and other clips, online at Unreasonable.is.

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