Co.Exist: Catchafire Profiles HSC’s Anne Frederick


The third in a series of interviews, part of Catchafire‘s Generosity Series in Fast Company‘s Co.Exist, profiles Anne Frederick, executive director of the Hester Street Collaborative–which “involves citizens in redesigning their neighborhoods to create stronger communities.” Frederick’s responses are wide-ranging, but we found her answer to the final interview question–“Who inspires you most with their generosity?”–among the most heartening and transcendent:

That model of collective generosity has really informed my approach, it is a little less heroic. I am always reminded that I can’t do this work alone. Like with my family, all of our staff and partners bring something important to the table. It also reminds me of the generosity of everyday New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy. The groundswell of New Yorkers helping each other out is a testament to the power of grassroots action. When each person is able to give and receive, everyone is supported and no one is left behind.

Click here to read “Creating Resilient Community, Through Design And Advocacy,” online at Caption: Photo by Jes­sica Bruah.

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