2012 DSGN AGNC Annual Report Issued

dsgn agnc

Continuing our coverage of the few annual reports that have trickled out this month, New York-based DSGN AGNC (design agency)–a research and design studio–offers one worth a look. Appearing on the organization’s website, here, the report starts with a vertical graphic, resembling a constellation or network, with an accounting of each hub and spoke on scroll over and below. The model builds on the DSGN AGNC’s 2011 Annual Report, which resembled a subway map.

The 2012 report looks back at all twelve months of the year, with up to half a dozen entries. Each is categorized as an Action/Event, Award, Exhibition, Mention, Panel, Presentation, Publication, Research, Residency, Tweet, etc. The report concludes with the statement: “One thing we know for sure, we will continue to explore the expanded role of architecture and design in the building of communities.”

Click here to review DSGN AGNC’s 2012 Annual Report, online at DSGNAGNC.com.

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