Novogratz: “Dignity, Not Dependence”


Jacqueline Novogratz, the acclaimed founder & CEO of Acumen Fund, a pioneer in social impact investing, took to the pages of The Huffington Post yesterday to talk about her recent travel and ongoing work with d.light. A social enterprise that spun out of the Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability program at the Stanford, d.light is featured in our exhibition at the Autodesk Gallery and its founders are among our Public Interest Design 100, while Novogratz will grace our upcoming Global Public Interest Design 100.

As Novogratz explains, “1.6 billion people on earth lack affordable light. Imagine the virtual release of human energy if we truly lit the world together. We will do this not by handing a solution to the poor, but by crafting–and insisting on–opportunities in which everyone can participate. We are each other’s destiny. Within our interconnection lies the seed of our mutual sense of dignity–and ultimately, the world’s best chance to end impoverishment, material and spiritual.”

Click here to read “Dignity, Not Dependence While Living Under $1 a Day,” online at

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