Architectural Record “Sheltering the World” Issue


Architectural Record has managed to one-up its groundbreaking March 2012 issue a year later with this month’s issue, addressing the theme of “Sheltering the World.” The issue brings into focus one of the greatest and most fundamental unmet needs of our time. We’re in such awe of this collection of stories and projects that we’ll be promoting it more in the coming days and weeks, as we did a year ago. A great place to start is with this excerpt from Cathleen McGuigan‘s opening editorial, “A Roof of One’s Own,” which was no doubt inspired by “A Room of One’s Own” by the late great Virginia Woolf:

In October 2008, Architectural Record published a groundbreaking issue, Design With Conscience. A year ago, in March 2012, we cast a light again on architects engaged in humanitarian projects around the world, in a much-praised issue, Building for Social Change…This month we take up a related, and especially daunting, topic: urgently needed new models for social housing, especially in rapidly expanding global cities, not only for those living in poverty but also for working people trying to find affordable options in urban areas where land values and housing shortages have sent rents soaring.

Click here to read “A Roof of One’s Own,” Cathleen McGuigan’s opening editorial, or click here to for a more macro view of Architectural Record‘s Sheltering the World issue, online at

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