Promising New Blog: Design Affects


One of our favorite new blogs is Design Affects, edited by London-based architect and social impact practitioner Katie Crepeau. Under the tagline “Putting humanity back into design,” the purpose of the blog is to “explore meaningful intersections of design, social enterprise, and environmental stewardship with like-minded people.” We’ll be reposting some great content from Design Affects in the coming days, but wanted to start with this excerpt from its introductory post, “Welcome to Design Affects: Why We Want to be at the Top of Your Reading List.”

The field of public interest design is increasingly covered in the media and more organizations are touting their efforts. But what is the longevity of this design movement? How will public interest design become ingrained in our everyday lives? How do we create a meaningful profession focused on good design for those with the most need? design affects is cataloguing efforts, inspiring readers, and providing concrete examples for people to pursue their own projects and collaborations. By exploring and incorporating alternative modes of business, together we will be able to create an everlasting profession.

Click here to learn more about Design Affects, online at

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