CNN: “We Need More Women Designing Buildings”


SOSHL Studio founder Marika Shioiri-Clark and our own John Cary took to the pages of this weekend to weigh in on the resurgent controversy surrounding Denise Scott Brown and the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The piece stems from comments made by Scott Brown in late-March, which spurred a petition that has elicited nearly 12,000 signatories.

In the end, Denise Scott Brown receiving equal recognition for a 22-year-old slight is not the point. The bigger issue is that the gender disparity in architecture, both symbolically and substantially, is not just a problem for women; it’s a problem for all of us. How might our shared built environment–our homes, hospitals, schools, workplaces and public spaces–be shaped differently if women were behind half the proverbial blueprints? How would it be different with the contributions of architects from racial minority groups, who make up only 2% of the profession?

Click here to read “We Need Women Designing Buildings,” online at Caption: Photo of Denise Scott Brown in Las Vegas, circa 1966, taken by Robert Venturi.

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