HERO Kickstarting Innovative Bamboo Bike

“A cash-poor Black Belt town in Alabama is an unlikely birthplace for an inventive new bike technology. But that’s exactly what it became, when an enterprising nonprofit joined forces with a ragtag group of bike enthusiasts and designers.” So starts a profile of HEROBike‘s new Semester Bicycle, penned by our own John Cary for Fast Company‘s Co.Design. The peg of the piece is a Kickstarter campaign launched by HERO–short for Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization, referring to Hale County, Alabama–which ends August 29 and is nearly halfway to its goal.

How local and environmentally friendly is HEROBike’s crop of bamboo? It’s grown “without irrigation, pesticides, or chemicals, right outside our workshop,” according to the group. To be sure, there are other bamboo bikes, including kits and full bikes that HEROBike produces, but this new technology is poised to enable mass production, a level of consistency, and an ultra clean aesthetic never seen before. “The whole community of Greensboro is rallying around this and excited to see the bike succeed,” explains Dorr. “We’re replacing a shuttered business and helping to bring life back to Main Street.”

Click here to read “Kickstarting: An Innovative Bamboo Bike, Designed To Create Jobs In Alabama,” online at FastCoDesign.com.

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