ArchDaily: Rwanda Women’s Opportunity Center


Earlier this year, we had the great fortune to visit a project in the thick of construction in Kayonza, Rwanda. We had reported on its creators, the firm of Sharon Davis Design, and interviewed its beneficiaries, a global NGO, called Women for Women International, for Metropolis Magazine. The site–populated mostly by women workers–was rough, and the dusty ground bone dry. But what has emerged in the subsequent months speaks to the transformational power of design, and the beautiful integration of and with landscape. According to the architects:

The Women’s Opportunity Center will empower 300 women annually to transcend a legacy of conflict. As designers, it has empowered us to create an ethic of global collaboration–one that’s rapidly reshaping our practice. In the lives and stories of these women, we have found the locally inspired grounds for a globally resonant architecture of optimism.

Click here to read more about the Women’s Opportunity Center designed by Sharon Davis Design, online at Caption: Photo by Elizabeth Felicella.

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