About Impact Design Hub

The Impact Design Hub is an online resource for architects, designers, makers, and others committed to designing a better world. As the next incarnation of PublicInterestDesign.org, the Impact Design Hub aims to bring together those working in public interest, social impact, humanitarian, and community design, and provide a platform for sharing and communication in order to collectively help grow and mature this field.

What Is Impact Design?

Impact design is rooted in the core belief that design can be used to create positive social, environmental and economic change, and focuses on actively measuring impact to inform and direct the design process. Impact Designers span a wide range of design disciplines but are tied together by a common goal to design and create a better world through innovative, scalable and measurable solutions.

What Has Changed?

The decision to re-launch PublicInterestDestign.org as ImpactDesignHub.org is part of our team’s goal to help advance this field through access to information. Under the banner of impact design, we will work to build greater discourse in this field by curating original articles on key issues, provide expanded resources for individuals and groups practicing in this field, build a robust job board of opportunities, and continue to blog daily with thought-provoking news about designers working to create positive change in the world around them.