NEEDS: Architecture in Developing Countries

As profiled previously by Arch Daily, Florence-based architect Salvatore Spataro has published a new book, called NEEDS: Architecture in Developing Countries. Showcasing 16 built projects in Africa and Asia, Spataro describes the works as “a reflection of architecture that does not impose organizing models extraneous to the local culture and does not flatten itself on the existent reality.” Click here to view a free, online, Flash-based version of the publication. The book is accompanied by a traveling exhibition by the same title, which opened in Florence, Italy, in March and will be heading to Farrera next month.

The architects or firms featured in the book and exhibition include the likes of: Africabougou Onlus, Anna Heringer-Eike Roswag, Asf-Architetti senza frontiere Italia, Asfe-Arquitectos sin fronteras Espana, BAS-Berger School of Architecture, Cal-Earth, Dièbedo Kèrè, and TYIN tegnestue.

Thanks to our friends at Arch Daily for turning us onto this publication and exhibition.