MASS Design Group Opens Haiti Office

MASS Design Group announced today the launch of its new Haiti office in Port au Prince, where it plans to “join the efforts in building Haiti back better and hopes that [its] holistic approach to infrastructure will strengthen our partners’ facilities, healthcare, and educational systems.” The rendering above is of the GHESKIO MDRTB Hospital in Port au Prince, a vocational training center in the Central Plateau. Click here to read the full announcement.

Although still only in its early years, MASS’ work and potential cannot be understated. Its widely-published Butaro Hospital, which opened in Rwanda earlier this year by Paul Farmer‘s acclaimed Partners in Health, is but one prime example of its abilities, commitment, and impact. The organization and its co-founders were recognized as “2011 Game-Changers” by Metropolis Magazine and the subject of an extensive feature story earlier this year. With this new office in Haiti, a significant housing project nearing completion in Rwanda, and other projects on the boards, MASS has issued an appeal for support and is a worthy investment for companies, foundations, and individuals interested in changing and saving lives through design.