Chronicle of Philanthropy Article on Smart Design

This past Friday, The Chronicle of Philanthropy–a newspaper and website widely read in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors–published a brief article, titled “Making Smart Design Central to Nonprofits.” It introduces the work of San Francisco-based design and strategy outfit, called Elefint Designs, which frequently works with nonprofits and businesses focused on the social good–and believes design can and should be central to everything a nonprofit does.

The piece clearly struck a chord. As of this writing Monday morning (albeit only a few days later), the article was the “Most Viewed” and “Most Commented” on The Chronicle‘s website as well as the fourth “Most Emailed.” And it’s likely to maintain a high level of interest. Intending to spark a dialogue on the role of design in nonprofits, The Chronicle is asking readers, “What are your favorite examples of nonprofit groups that have made design central to what they do?” Elefint Design has offered to generate an infographic for one lucky nonprofit from among those mentioned. A handful of nonprofits have earned mention in the comments so far, ranging from charity:water and LIVESTRONG to Save the Children and the new

Thanks to Sunny Fischer of The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation for referring this piece.